recvstats -- receive multicast status from cluster nodes


recvstats [-d, --debug ] [-i if, --interface=if] [-p port, --port=port] [-h, --help ] [-v, --version ]


The recvstats daemon is part of the libbeostat package. It receives multicast traffic from the nodes of the cluster concerning the status of each node. It also occasionally transmits multicast packets to request updates from the cluster nodes.

The recvstats daemon must parse the data received from the slave node. If the format of the /proc on the slave node changes significantly this parsing can fail. In particular the files currently used are as follows: /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/meminfo, /proc/loadavg, /proc/net/dev, and /proc/stat.

The recvstats daemon also writes out a shared memory file, which is stored in /var/shm and should be readable by everyone. If either the directory doesn't exist or the file permissions are not set correctly, the remainder of the libbeostat system will not function correctly.

If you choose to use recvstats outside of Scyld ClusterWare, it is recommended that you always specify the interface flag and make sure to create the /var/shm with world readable/writable privileges.


The following options are available to the recvstats daemon.

-d, --debug

Debug mode/Don't fork, normally the program will fork and exit, this flag will prevent the fork.

-i IF, --interface=IF

The name of the network interface to listen on. This option should always be specified.

-p, --port=PORT

Override the default listen port of 3040 (0xbe0). Only use this option if there's a conflict with the standard port.

-h, --help

Display a short help message and list the available options and then exit.

-v, --version

Display the program version and exit.


The recvstats daemon is primarily meant to be used as a part of Scyld ClusterWare. This daemon is automatically started by the beowulf init script in /etc/rc.d/init.d during boot.

Command lines in /etc/rc.d/init.d/beowulf that start recvstats on the master ($IF is the interface name):

if [ -x /usr/bin/recvstats ]; then
	 echo -n "Starting recvstats: "
	 daemon recvstats -i $IF