beonetconf -- Configure Scyld ClusterWare network




Scyld ClusterWare beonetconf is a graphical utility that enables users to configure their network for a Scyld ClusterWare cluster. The user is given the opportunity to set or change the number of nodes and the range of IP addresses used for compute nodes.

Usage is straightforward: Fill in the number of nodes, the cluster interface, and the beginning IP address. The utility then updates the configuration file and restarts the cluster.

This utility modifies the /etc/beowulf/config file. You can also modify /etc/beowulf/config using the beosetup utility or by directly editing the file.


Regardless of which option you use to edit the Beowulf-config file, the changes don't take effect until Beowulf services are restarted. You can restart Beowulf services by rebooting the master node, or by executing either /ect/rc.d/init.d/beowulf restart or service beowulf restart.


There are no command line options for this command.


Start beonetconfig from the command line.

See Also

beoconfig(1), beosetup(1)