Welcome to Zhu Group

  1. To learn how to use the cluster, read Introduction to Scyld Clusterware. Paticularly, you should read Reference Guide and Users Guide. You may monitor the system by using Ganglia Web Mornitoring

  2. To remotely access the cluster, install VNC in your Windows system.
    to open a vnc server (e.g., #5), type
    vncserver -geometry 1280x1024 :5 
    to kill a vnc server (e.g., #5), type
    cat /home/zhut/.vnc/atom.me.gatech.edu:5.pid
    kill "job id' 

  3. To plot on the web

  4. To remotely access the cluster using VNC, but outside Georgia Tech, you may first log into mse-uc01 through VNC viewer, then type
    vncviewer -Shared -via zhut@atom.me.gatech.edu localhost:1

  5. To run Abaqus, see demos

  6. To run Abaqus (cae|viewer) through VNC, add the -mesa switch to the command, i.e.,
    abaqus cae -mesa

  7. To run Matlab, see demos

  8. To learn how to use various softwares, read Bulletin at mse-uc01

  9. To remotely power on/off any compute node, e.g., node 2 (Note: node 0 needs to powered on/off manually), type
    ipmitool -H -U admin -P admin chassis power reset
    if the system is already on, or else:
    ipmitool -H -U admin -P admin chassis power on
    if the system is currently off.

  10. The local drives on each nodes are mounted at /scratch. The bpcp command can be used to put or get data from a specific node, e.g.,
    bpcp file 1:/scratch

  11. To use atomeye, type
    a ***.cfg & 

  12. To securely copy a direcory from, e.g., "mse-uc01", type
    scp -r zhut@mse-uc01.eng.ohio-state.edu:/home/zhut/test . 

  13. To find a file, e.g., "index.html", type
    find -name index.html 

  14. To estimate the size of a directory, e.g., "abaqus_demo", type
    du -sh abaqus_demo 

  15. remote ipmi functions
    # ripmi [last host addr] [ipmi commands]
    Check nodes n1/ n4  chassis status and even log
    # ripmi 101 chassis status
    # ripmi 101 sel list
    # ripmi 104 chassis status
    # ripmi 104 sel list
    Check power status of all the node .101 - .110
    # for i in 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110; do echo -n "Node $i: ";ripmi $i chassis status | grep "System Power"; done

  16. add reference to MyBibliography.bib
    When you add reference to MyBibliography.bib, save the references from Web of Science, and then type
    'is /tmp/savedrecs.txt' or 'is ~/savedrecs-4.txt'
    on uc01 or atom.gatech

  17. MPI VASP
    MPI VASP (various variants) work now...
    atom% ls /usr/local/VASP/exe/
    rm -rf bench.Hg
    mkdir bench.Hg
    cd bench.Hg
    tar xvfz /home/Beowulf/VASP/4.6/bench.Hg.tar.gz
    set tick = `date +%s`
    mpirun -np 8 /usr/local/VASP/exe/vasp_4.6.28_gamma_mpich_em64t
    @ tock = `date +%s` - $tick
    echo real time spent = $tock seconds

Email: ting.zhu@me.gatech.edu, phone: 404-894-6597.